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By: <presImageByline>Andersson, Johan Gunnar
Copyright: <presImageCopyright> Utgången upphovsrätt
License: <mediaLicense> Licens
Type of object <itemType> Document
Date <presTimeLabel> 1927-05-10
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  • OFF 6. På tåget mellan Mukden och Changehun, den 8 maj I927. Käre vördade Broder Sven,
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  • O7!6 4 the one next south and the shop is near Fatanen street in the eastern part of the hutung on the south 'side, ur Dung was one time with me in your shop showing some bronges. He was specially we8... Visa hela
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  • Farbin, Say 10, 1927. Hiss "aytivik Smith, | ko Re fn NSBj f Camel Bell Shop, : 3 Pekin Hotel, Se ; nig. Pear Figs Seith, . ä j It would be a great help for work to raise the Bell sunda at home to hav... Visa hela
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  • OHka 2 I suggest that F. E. Ewerlöf will pay 25 dollars to Dung for his expertise work. Isvggest this arrangenent because I foresee trat the Crownprince will a ask whether Pung has seen the bell. Pers... Visa hela
Event <context>
  • Tillverkad 1927-05-10 av Andersson, Johan Gunnar.
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Subject <subject>
  • Cultural history
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Metadata rights <itemLicense> Licens
Source <presOrganization> Statens museer för världskultur - Östasiatiska museet
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