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Trip hammer, Olofsfors recording 3


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By: <presImageByline>Flygvapenmuseum
Copyright: <presImageCopyright> Flygvapenmuseum
License: <mediaLicense> Licens
Type of object <itemType> Sound
Date <presTimeLabel> June 17 2014
Place <presPlaceLabel> Sweden
Beskrivning <itemDescription>
  • This hammer is used to form the Wrought iron into bars.
    Sound cycle
    Sound 1: The hammer is lifted with an iron cog mounted on the water wheel axel.
    Sound 2: On top of the lift the hammer is pushed down again fast when hitting the return log.
    Sound 3: Hammer hit the iron on the anvil.

    The word "wrought" is an archaic past participle of the verb "to work," and so "wrought iron" literally means "wo...

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Länkar <itemDescription>
  • YouTube (http://youtu.be/RFpLuJMYJdE)
Event <context>
  • Producerades i Iron Works, Sweden av Arbetets museum.
Trip hammer, Olofsfors recording 3
Trip hammer
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Collection <collection>
  • Sounds of Changes
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Metadata rights <itemLicense> Licens
Source <presOrganization> Flygvapenmuseum
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