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Police van - siren one


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By: <presImageByline>Flygvapenmuseum
Copyright: <presImageCopyright> Flygvapenmuseum
License: <mediaLicense> Licens
Type of object <itemType> Sound
Date <presTimeLabel> July 28 2015
Place <presPlaceLabel> Slovenia
Beskrivning <itemDescription>
  • The sound of a police van siren. Police vehicles sirens have different sounds which can be used in combinations to provide an enhanced warning signals. This sound is the one most commonly used by police vehicles.
    This siren is mounted in a Volkswagen Transporter, manufactured in 2010.
    Sound recorded made at the Traffic Police Station Ljubljana.

    Sound recordist: Boštjan Troha
    Photographer: Neža...

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Event <context>
  • Producerades i Ljubljana, Slovenia av Arbetets museum.
Police van - siren one
Volkswagen Transporter
Collection <collection>
  • Sounds of Changes
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Metadata rights <itemLicense> Licens
Source <presOrganization> Flygvapenmuseum
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